SSAR – feedback by Year 5 teachers

These are the final results of the evaluation about SSAR (Social Studies Assessment Reorganization). The research was carried out among all Year 5 teachers teaching in state primary schools. A total of 66 teachers participated in the evaluation. For comments posted by Year 5 teachers and SMTs re SSAR, visit Fronter VLE, EOs subject rooms, Social Studies Primary.

1. SSAR is helping me attain Social Studies Learning Outcomes more efficiently.
2. The reduction of seven Learning Outcomes has resulted in less stress during Social Studies lessons.
3. Previous to SSAR the Year 5 syllabus was very loaded; now it is not.
4. Since the fieldwork exercise has been allocated 20% of the global half-yearly mark, teachers and students are giving more importance to educational outings.
5. I did not find any difficulty to mark the fieldwork exercise.
6. The fieldwork directives/notes distributed by the department were a great help to us teachers.

7. My students are enjoying the research they are doing in connection with the project.

8. The idea of the project being assessed out of a maximum of 20 marks was a good one.
9. My students did not encounter any difficulty to choose a project title.
10. SSAR is boosting Social Studies teaching.


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