Year 4 resources - Social Studies  EN
N.B. L-Istudji Soċjali jikkonsisti f'tagħlim u taħriġ dwar l-ambjent ta' madwarna. Għalhekk, bħala prinċipju, it-tagħlim u l-assessjar għandu jsir dejjem bil-Lingwa Maltija.
Dawn ir-riżorsi bil-Lingwa Ingliża għandhom jintużaw biss f'dawn iż-żewġ każijiet:
(1) meta jingħata parir professjonali biex l-istudent jaħdem b'lingwa waħda biss u ma jkunx hemm ċans li x-xogħol isir bil-Malti
(2) bħala taħriġ fil-Lingwa Ingliża, wara li l-lezzjonijiet ewlenin ikunu saru l-ewwel bil-Malti.

C4.1 People Who Help Us


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C4.1.1 We will talk about some people who help out in the community, both those who volunteer and those who are employed.

worksheet <>

C4.1.2 Building a good relationship with the students elected in the studentsí council.  

worksheet <>

C4.1.3 Exploring the relationship between help and protection.
Identifying the help and/or protection we are given by different people in our locality.
worksheet <>    
C4.1.4 Let us discuss ways of collaborating with the people who help us in our locality; we will see how useful our collaboration can be. worksheet <>

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C4.1.5 Let us understand that while there are many people who help us,  prevention is actually the best help we can give ourselves. worksheet <>

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C4.2 Life in our Town or Village




Exploring some similarities and some differences between our community and another one.

worksheet <>

C4.2.2 Organising a class library of publications issued by local groups, the parish and the Local Council. worksheet <>    
C4.2.3 Identifying the main characteristics of the locality we live in. worksheet <>    
C4.2.4 Classifying the activities which take place in our town or village as: (a) religious or (b) civil worksheet <>    
C4.2.5 Identifying orgnisations or groups in which students can be involved  in their town or village. worksheet <>    
C4.3 Work      



C4.3.1 Exploring the job description/s of some of the employees that we know. worksheet <>    
C4.3.2 Researching about some Maltese traditional crafts. worksheet <>    
C4.3.3 Helping students to explore the most common jobs that one can observe in our locality. worksheet <>

 presentation <>

C4.3.4 Identify the main kinds of jobs done by the members of our community at places of work that are outside our locality. worksheet <>    
C4.3.5 Explore the duties (the job description) of some of the employees mentioned in C4.3.4. worksheet <>    
G4.1 The Map of the Maltese Islands




Letís learn about maps and plans. Letís learn how to make the plan of a class, a school and a square.

worksheet <>    

Let us learn how to find some Maltese places on a map.

worksheet <>    

Let us explore the geographical position of some Maltese and Gozitan Towns and Villages.

worksheet <>  



We will identify some differences between life in the city and life in the countryside.

worksheet <>  


G4.2 The Weather



G4.2.1 Observing the main weather elements: temperature, rain and wind. worksheet <>    
G4.2.2 Measuring weather: the thermometer, the raingauge, the wind vane and the anemometer. worksheet <>    
G4.2.3 Understand simple weather measurements. worksheet <>    
G4.2.4 Explore the typical weather of the different seasons. worksheet <>    
G4.2.5 Research some of the effects of extreme weather on the environment and on human beings. worksheet <>


G4.3 Seasonal Changes



G4.3.1 Through pictures and photos we can observe seasonal changes in the landscape in Malta and abroad worksheet <>  

video: The Four Seasons <>

G4.3.2 Let us see what effects seasonal changes have on us. worksheet <>    
G4.3.3 Let us understand how seasons are different in other countries worksheet <>


video: Different Seasons <>

G4.3.4 Letís keep a seven day journal  in which we will list our observations worksheet <>


G4.3.5 We will see the different clothes we wear depending on the season worksheet <>    
H4.1 Maltese Personalities



H4.1.1 We will research three renowned personalities. worksheet <> Dun Karm Psaila (notes)
Dun Mikiel Xerri (notes)
Dun Ġorġ Preca (notes)
video: Dun Karm Psaila
video: Dun Mikiel Xerri

Why should the Maltese people treasure the memory of these personalities? What can we do to commemorate them better?

worksheet <>    

We will look for evidence of how these personalities effected Maltese culture.

worksheet <>    

We will commemorate these three personalities through creative writing.

worksheet <>    

We will look at primary sources for these personalities.

worksheet <>    
H4.2 Tales, Legends and History




We will research examples of fables from Greek mythology.

worksheet <>    

We will learn about a Maltese legend.

worksheet <>    

We will look at a historical text based on evidence.

worksheet <> The Arabs - a text for reading  

Let us learn to tell the difference between a tale and a legend.

worksheet <>    
H4.2.5 We will research the story of the arrival of the Normans in Malta, in the year 1091, and classify our findings as LEGEND or HISTORY. worksheet <>   video: Il-Konti Ruġġieru
H4.3 Work, Leisure and Celebrations



H4.3.1 Let us make a list of things we do during the week and classify them into (a) leisure, or (b) work. worksheet <>    
H4.3.2 We will interview an old person to see how he used to spend his free time. worksheet <>    
H4.3.3 Let us compare modern leisure activities with those of the past. worksheet and notes<>    
H4.3.4 Let's research traditional Maltese feasts and identify characteristics that are still present today. worksheet and notes<>  

video: L-Imnarja

H4.3.5 Let's explore what a popular pastime music has always been with Maltese poeple. worksheet <>    


A TOUR AROUND THE TOWN/VILLAGE WHERE I LIVE - download the fieldwork notes <><><>


Our thanks go to Ms Irene Briffa for her invaluable help in translations