Ġebla Safra (or) Rina?

Globigerina Limestone is referred just by the name of Franka even though there are subdivisions of the same layer including Tal-Bajjad, Tal-Kwiener etc. Only the Greensand layer which is a thin layer and sometimes completely absent is referred to in Maltese as Il-Ġebla s-Safra or Rina. So the sequence of rocks from top to bottom is as follows:

  1. Upper Coralline Limestone – Qawwi Ta’ Fuq
  2. Greensand – Il-Gebla s-Safra (or) Rina
  3. Blue Clay – Tafli
  4. Globigerina Limestone – Franka
  5. Lower Coralline Limestone – Qawwi t’Isfel jew ta’ Taħt jew Żonqor.

At Primary level we prefer to refer to Greensand as Il-Ġebla s-Safra. The term Rina is introduced later on at the end of Form I.

Edward Gilson 3.12.2010

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